CE CSC Do Not Reply / Ne Pas Repondre CSC EC (IRCC) Response

CE CSC Do Not Reply / Ne Pas Repondre CSC EC (IRCC) Response
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Anyone got a similar response you see pasted below? What was the turnout and the turnaround time to receive an email after? My VISA Office is New Delhi for reference.

Thank you for contacting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

We verified the information you provided and can confirm that a decision has been made on the application. Rest assured that the responsible office will contact you by mail or email to provide you with that decision.

Thanks, Nikhil


We have similar response. But until now, there is no email or mail from the responsible office. I don’t even know what office is handling my account. It’s been 10 days since that reply.


Hi @fasteddie can you please share what was your request to them in order to receive that response? Thanks



I asked them 2 things - what my visa office was - what is my status on eligibility and background check


Thanks! I hope you get news soon and that the decision is positive! good luck


Thank you buddy! Got my Passport Request letter shortly ( 5 days after IP2) and 3 days after the email from IRCC which I mentioned above in the original post!

Wish you the best too!


Update : received Passport Request email from Immigration Delhi

5 days after IP2 3 days after the email I mentioned in the OP

Thanks and wish you all the best!


Congratulations buddy!! :slight_smile: Good luck and all the best !