Canada PR - NOC Related

Dear All, I am on a Closed WP with NOC code as 2171. However, my prior experience has roles/responsibilities related to 2173. Even in current job, i have few responsibilities which fall under 2173. Can i create Express Entry profile with NOC code as 2173 instead of 2171? Will that be an issue as my current closed WP is on 2171?

If i have 10 years of experience, can i use NOC 2173 for the first 6-7 years of my prev employers and the remaining 3 years as 2171 on the EE profile?

Please advise

Hi there!

Just chose the one that is closer to your daily activities, and also it’s not a problem to have more than one NOC on the application, however, you’ll need to chose a main one, then you are better choosing the one that you have more experience and/or that you can gather documents more easily.

There will be no issue with your WP NOC since the different NOC is from your previous position. If you have 3 years on 2171 then you can safely chose it if you feel it’s easier to gather proof of work (should be, since that’s your current employer) and it will have no impact on your score, since they only add points up to 3 years.