Can new PR holders enter Australia Currently?

Hi all, Does anyone know if we are allowed to enter Australia to activate the PR? I am aware of Australia currently only permits citizens and PR holders to enter Australia due to covid. But I don’t have a residential history in Australia and also the PR is not yet activated yet unless I enter Australia. So am I qualified to enter Australia ? Please advice.

Yes they can provided if their home country allows them to travel and also they are prepared to take a mandatory 14 day quarantine on landing.

Hey Hi Akhil. I am also stuck in similar situation. India has restricted the international fights and there is no update till date and also I too have question as if 14 days quarantine will be on our expense or the AUS gov will provide the accommodation.

Technically, A PR holder is a PR holder. First entry or else should not matter. Having said that, there is a “medi assist card” that needs to be allotted as soon as you land in Australia. It is worth finding out if sponsoring of quarantine stay, AND the sponsoring of any needed treatment(God forbid it happens) will be affected in the case of people who are entering for the first time, as they are not expected to have medi assist card with them.

It is an important point to keep in mind while travelling.

We need an advice from a professional immigration consultant. Commoners like us are not expected to have this kind of knowledge with them.

So please, can somebody find this out? Somebody who has access to professional immigration consultants(preferably Australian). This will be a great help for others on this forum.

Cheers, Nigel.

Guys, after getting PR, did anyone travel recently? Wer you able to book tickets? or did you write for extension?