Calgary specific Whatsapp group for post PPR/CPR People

Calgary specific Whatsapp group for post PPR/CPR People
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Hi Guys,

This is a group for people who want to land/ (or have already landed) in Calgary (Canada) ONLY as Permanent Residents.

The discussions in the group will be centered around:

challenges of living Housing Jobs Childcare and Schooling Further education Insurance Dos and don’ts IN CALGARY ONLY

You can join the group IF AND ONLY IF:

  1. You have received your PPR/CoPR and you plan to move to Calgary, or you are already living in there as Permanent Residents. AND
  2. You will use ONLY English to communicate with the group’s members. AND
  3. You are happy to share ideas and help others. AND
  4. You will be respectful to others in the group irrespective of their race, nationality, color, age, creed, belief. AND
  5. You never mean to slight/belittle and deride any of the group’s member.

If you appear to be not following the above, you will be forced out of the group (even without notice).

PS: Those who are waiting for their PPR, please do not join now. Once you get your PPR/CPR, feel free to join IF AND ONLY IF you are moving to Calgary and fulfill the above conditions as well.

Regards, SUKH


is the group still valid


yes, it is