BG check status

BG check status
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Hello, I have submitted my eapr by March 7th and got AOR right away after I submitted it. And in early morning March 13, My medical was passed, at the time my BG was NA, and then the after noon in the same day. My BG status became “We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information”. Does it mean i am on IP2? I am inland cec applicant


yes your are now in IP2


Which checks (Criminality, Eligibility and Security) have already completed in ip2 and which are still in progress ?


My case was one of lucky one, My application took a little bit less than two months for PPR. What I remember, eligiblity and medical test almost at same time, two of my friends were refused by not sufficient documents, It took about two week until they received refusal letter. Anyways, it seems like, they conduct everything all together onece medical exam pass, and most of cases are stuck in background check, which is conducted by Canadian Security Intelligence Service, usually, this one can consume such a long time. I know it really get your nerves but Dont worry so much, If you have submitted all documents and if you dont have and odd situation, You will receive your PPR soon. My Gf she applied one week later me. But her case, it took 6 months. My point is, process time line is very variable by individual situation or how cic conducts and treats each applications.but no matter what without complicated situation. Most of people get their pr within 6months Cheers!!!