Bachelors Degree vs Honours Degree (Rejection Chances)

Bachelors Degree vs Honours Degree (Rejection Chances)
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Hi Everyone,

My name is Rana Shahjahan. I have applied for SC189 Visa on 12th October 2018 after receiving an invitation on 11th October 2018. I have a question or an advice as I think I am in a mess and my application might get rejected. Can anyone here please help me on my matter. I would really appreciate it.

Points Claimed: 75 Education: 15 Experience: 10 Age: 30 English: 20

Now the issue is that I have a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science(Honours) and ACS has assessed my degree and AQF bachelor Degree with a major in computing , but somehow due to mistake I submitted an EOI with Honours Degree in Science and Technology. I am able to receive an Invitation on the basis of this EOI and later I submitted the VISA with same degree option as well.

Recently, one of my friend told me that my degree has been assessed as Bachelors not Honours, so because of this I submitted Notification of incorrect answer(s) to show that I selected Honours by mistake. Now I am afraid that because of the this issue and that EOI has Honours degree and Visa have Bachelors degree, they might reject my VISA application.

Can any experience person guide me and help me on this matter. What are the chances of Rejection in this case? I am really tensed.

Thank you so much

Best Regards Rana Shahjahan