August AOR

August AOR
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Hi Andy My AOR is August 11… and local visa office is New delhi. Last week we saw many ppr issued by ndvo randomly to the june, july, sept. applicants. Is there any reason they skipped August ? Thare were two people from August got ppr from my wtsapp group. This wait is devastating and keep on ruining mental and physical health. Can you please share your thoughts on when should I receive ip2 ? I am at na2 since 13th September. Thank you.


I think mostly who got PPR were April, May, June and July… both august and september were slightly touched as per normal trend CIC has… so just wait for now, next big drop of PPR will be for August and September, but when? I would guess after Christmas.


Thank you Andy ! Your post is comforting :blush:


Hi alls I’m form April AOR 2017, NA2 since Feb 18 and nothing new, should i worry? Cheers, Marco



I am from 2 June 2018 AOR on NOC 0616 (Corporates Sales Manager). My score is low 390.

Anyone else with similar code & score, would be great to exchange a few notes .

Also would highly appreciate any assistance on using this website.

regds Sandy