April 2020 AoR - Join Here

Hi Everyone,

Congratulations for submitting your eAPR and becoming part of April 2020 AOR.

This thread is to assist everyone with questions in relation to process tracking, trends, processing timelines concerns and just to get together and plan the upcoming move over to Canada while trying to understand when to expect your PPR.

Good luck!

I will be sharing some statistics below to help you with the process.

Please submit your questions here and will do my best to answer those!

All the best and see you in Canada!

I submitted my application last week but i forgot to include a vital information in my application. However, i have submitted a webform. Will this suffice? or do i have to put a call throught to them?

you can submit web-form online with required documents.

August/September 2020 AOR join using this whatsapp link

Is there a WhatsApp group for AOR April 2020. Plz share if you have it