April 2019 AOR still waiting

Hi My AOR is 25th,April 2019 I am having RR for POF for large deposits in my account I have submitted LOE as those funds were transferred from my salary account to my savings account. Recently my file got transferred to Ottawa VO from Sydney but I am yet to get any updates.

Can something else be done from my end to speed up the process.

You can’t do anything, some from March are waiting and even some from Feb, so better to get calm and just wait.

Did you order GCMS notes?

Ordered last set of notes in November. There was review required for Proof of funds.

Since my file got transferred to Ottawa on January 13th, I am planning to order another set in March.

Jsingh4625 My case was of 4/5 April 2019, I have received PPR email from CPCO Ottawa on 11/02/2020…Just wait it out , no need to get GCM notes, it does not change anything once you have submitted new sets for proof of Funds…let them do the checks, even they could ask for Funds proof at POE…

Here’s the reply I have got for the webform I recently raised.

Seems everything is still in process.

Guys got a couple of updates

Update 1- 14th February - Request for medical extension Update 2- 18th February - Medical extension granted

Is this the last step or it will still take time??