Aor dec 2018

Aor dec 2018
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We received AOR on 24 Dec 2018 however we have not found any changes in the application status even after one month. Could you please let us know if it is only us who have not received any changes in the application or there are candidates like us.

Also please provide access to watsapp group for AOR DEC 2018

Thanks, Sonia Hansel



As per the consolidated tracker Dec 16th have received medical pass email so far. My AOR date is 18th dec and I received additional doc request today. I think there was a delay due to the holidays. So dont worry :slight_smile:


any watsapp group for dec1aor



Below is the link for December 2018 AOR wtsapp group.


the joining rights of this link have been revoked. kindly share link once again or kindly add my no 9899596012


Did any one receive the PPR for dec?


i got my AOR on dec 18 , meds passed on 25 jan. after that no update. my bg status is your application is in progress. we will send you a message when we start your background check. it has been same since then. i am really worried. my application is not being processed further. its been 3 months now.


Even mine is the same case. … no bg check started yet… 19 dec aor


Please share the updated link for the whats app group


Hey in my case only security check is been remain to done

rest of the things are passed and met.

any Suggestions for my timeline when do i get PPR.

Please assist and guide me.



How do you know that ‘only security check’ is remaining?


Called CIC and agent told me that only security is been remain to done

Edibility Met Medical Passed Criminality Passed


Thanks a lot. Can you please share the number that you called on? I will check my status with them.


Follow the below Calling CIC - steps:-

1- CIC call centre +16139444000

2- English press 1

3- immigration press 1

4- transfer to citizenship and imm can processing application press 1

5- status or processing times press 1

6- become permanent resident press 2

7- application starts with E press 2

8- then enter application number followed by #

9- listen to the entered number and press 1 to confirm

10- enter the year of birth and then listen the entered number and press 1 to confirm

11- hear the details

12- then press 1 to check status (there will be a pause)

13- hear detailed status at the end press 0 to speak to agent

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You can use hangout dailer app for free calling by using mobile internet or WIFI.


Thanks a lot for the detailed response. Unfortunately, the IVR gave the very same information as is shown online. I was hoping some more details will be shared.


You need to talk to an agent for detailed information regarding your file progress.


Hey… anybody got PPR yet for december 2018 aor. There is no update in my account after medical… i m really worried now. My file completion date is 13 june. What should i do??


Pls guide me too… My aor 19 Dec 2018 and last date is 19 June 2019… Just 21 days left… Can there be a prob?? Is it happening with others too???


I don’t know… my 6 months are completing on 13 june and there is no update in my account. I am getting worried now… what should i do? How to contact CIC. I even message cpc-ottawa to know about visa office but there is no reply from them as well. I feel like my application is stuck. There is no progress from 5 months.