Aor august 2018

Aor august 2018
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Hi everyone, Is there any other one waiting for PPR. I got AOR on August 21, 2018 and medical passed on Sept 14, 2018. No updates after that.


Yes I am AOR 21August 2018


Have you applied for the GCMS notes?? Or any other info you have?? Why its taking too much time?? Any Idea🤦🏻‍♂️


My AOR date is 25th August 2018. Background status changed in November. Till date no update.


Hi Everyone,

Question: How do you see the Background status change date?


It seems to me a LOT of people are waiting, FSW-Inland stream in particular, for applications made in early July 2018 and beyond. At the rate things are going, they’ll all go beyond the 180 day deadline. You can order the GCMS notes but you probably won’t find any reason for delay there.

Something happened internally at some point in mid 2018 that is resulting in a backlog for this stream, before that they were processing FSW-inland applications very quickly, way below the 180 day estimate. I suspect since they’re required to process applications in “180 days or less” they allocated their resources elsewhere to process other application types. Temporary study and work visa processing times appear to have gone down for instance.


your statement seems right.


When you check the application regularly only then you can find the real date of background check. Some people like me are curious ones, who regularly checks the application status to keep oneself hopeful…


Our AOR was aug 2nd. Ip2 and waiting desperately for the PPR news


Anybody applied for GCMS notes?? Or anybody called them and asked why they are getting so much time??