Adding newborn after receiving COPR email

We are in the process of adding our newborn to our Express Entry application and I want to share the steps and the timelines with you all. I hope this may help you.

COPR Received: So we received golden email on 10/13/2020 while we were pregnant and due date was in December. We contacted IRCC by sending email to the ID that was in COPR passport request letter and informed them about our pregnancy situation and about the due date. At the same time we also raised WEBFORM and informed IRCC.

We received response from them saying that we dont have to send the passport as baby needs to be added first to the application. Then said that they are going to put our application on hold and gave us time until 13-Feb-2021 to submit baby’s documents.

Documents requested

  1. Processing fee for each accompanying child If your child will be accompanying you to Canada at this time, a processing fee of $225 must be paid for their application. The payment of this fee must be made online:  Go to our Online Payment webpage;  Read the instructions on each page, and click “Continue” to proceed;  Select the “Immigration” link, followed by the category in which you applied for permanent residence;  Enter the number of fee payments (1) in the box beside the corresponding fee;  Click “Submit”.  Proceed to pay your fees by selecting “Pay” and follow the instructions to pay with a credit card. Once the payment process is complete, the web site will display your official receipt in PDF format. Please upload your receipt directly to your MyCIC account.
  2. Forms  Updated Generic Application form for Canada IMM 0008;  Updated Additional Family Information form IMM 5406. If your child is aged 18 or older:  A completed and signed Schedule A Background/ Declaration IMM 5669 by your child;  A completed and signed Additional Family Information IMM 5406 by your child.
  3. Documents  Copy of your child’s birth certificate;  Copy of your child’s valid passport*;
  • Photo page only and, if applicable, amendment page(s).
  1. If your child is aged 18 or older: Police certificate We require a police certificate for all countries where your child has lived for 6 months or more since the age of 18 years. Please ensure that they have obtained these certificates after the completion of their stay in these countries. If your child needs a police certificate from the country where they currently live, it must have been issued in the last 6 months. **If you are unable to obtain the required police certificate(s) within the 30 day deadline, please submit a letter of explanation and proof that you have applied for the documents with the relevant authority.
  2. Medical certificate Your child will have to undergo a medical examination by an authorized CIC panel physician, whether or not they will be accompanying you to Canada. We will send you the appropriate forms upon receipt and review of the documents listed above. If they have already completed the medical exam, please submit a copy of the eMedical form via MyCIC.
  3. Updated Proof of Settlement Funds You must provide updated bank statements that provide proof of settlement funds for a family of three.
  4. Passport Photo You must provide a passport photo quality of your child.

Baby Arrived Last week of December 2020 baby arrived and immediately we started gathering baby’s document.

Nervous we wont have all docs by deadline While we already got baby’s Birth Cert, we were still waiting for passport. So on 5th Feb we informed IRCC about passport situation. We got the reply from them saying upload all the available documents by deadline and upload Letter of Explanation for passport requesting for extension.

Fortunate Fortunately in 13th Feb (last day) we received baby’s passport and we were able to upload all the requested documents on last day.

Baby’s name in myCIC On 15th Feb, we were able to see our baby’s name in myCIC account. On same day we received medical request form for our baby in myCIC.

Baby’s Medicals We completed baby’s medicals on 17th Feb. and on 19th Feb. myCIC profile said, medical passed. That was quick.

Now we are waiting. I am assuming as we already received our COPR once, IRCC wont take much time to review / process our newborn baby’s document and should reissue us with new COPR.

Hi Regina, We are in the same situation. And have submitted all the requested documents and the baby name is now showing in the dependent list. But haven’t received new copr yet. Did you receive second ppr? I want to know how long it might take. Thanks

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Hi Juzer_Abbasi, Yes we received request to submit our passports (PPR) on 1st, April. We sent all the requested docs by 5th Apr.

On 8th Apr, they requested to resend baby’s photos as there was some issue with the background color. We sent the photos on 12th Apr.

On 15th Apr, they requested to send softcopy of baby’s passport. We emailed them immediately on same day.

On 19th Apr they acknowledged that they received soft copy.

After that just waiting to get our passports back.

Hi Juzer,

We are in the same stage. Did you get your CoPR?

We got CoPR in Jan 2020 and was booked to travel in Mar 2020. But due to all International flight cancellation & COVID lockdowns in India, we couldnt travel. In Jul 2020 we had a baby girl and by August 2020 first week we finished all formalitites for the baby. In Nov 2020, we were asked to do our Medicals again and havent heard anything since.

We moved back from Middle east, resigning from our comfortable jobs in Jan 2020 after we go out CoPR. Now its been over one and half year since out of job. I wish we had more transparency to know what is happening withour application.

Hope our CoPR comes quickly.

Really sorry for the situation you are in and I hope in coming days you get more clear idea about your status.

Yes we received our CoPR but we are residing in US. What I know is things are moving for applicants residing in US.

Hello Regina, I hope all is well. I just wanted to kindly ask you about the length of the process from the time you submitted the requested documents until you received your new COPR? I have just sent the documents of my newborn last week and hope that it won’t take very long. Thank you

Hi, When did you submit the new documents requested for the newborn and did you get your new COPR or not yet? Thanks

–> We received request to submit our passports (PPR) on 1st, April. We sent all the requested docs by 5th Apr.

–> On 8th Apr, they requested to resend baby’s photos as there was some issue with the background color. We sent the photos on 12th Apr.

–> On 15th Apr, they requested to send softcopy of baby’s passport. We emailed them immediately on same day.

–> On 19th Apr they acknowledged that they received soft copy.

–> On 28th Apr received email Update. Checked myCIC account and COPR details were updated.

–> 1st May received Passports along with COPR.

Hi Regina, Can you let me know how much time did Canada give you to land? Is it one year from your medical assessment or one year from your newborn’s medical assessment? Our newborn’s medical has just passed and I wonder if that will also automatically extend other family members’ medical vapidity. Thank you!

Hi Regina, We have received our ready for visa email requesting passport submission for me and my spouse. I am pregnant and baby date is 24th July 2022 while our medicals expire on 6th August 2022 so our copr expiry will also be 6th August 2022.

In the RFV mail there is no mention to inform IRCC incase of pregnancy. Only incase if newborn as there is change in family composition should be informed. Can me and my spouse get our passports stamped and a COPR issued in both our names, then a month before the baby due date raise a webform to inform IRCC about pregnancy, submit baby documents after birth and get a new copr issued with the names of all 3 of us?

Also did your and your spouse’s medicals expire in the process of baby addition to file? Where you both asked to give re-medicals?

First of all let me congratulate you both. Second, DO NOT submit your passport for Stamping. If you do so, it is going to be very very very difficult to add your baby in your application.

Our situation was exactly same as yours.

As soon as we received request to submit our passports, we raised webform as well as we sent an email to IRCC informing them about our pregnancy.

They will simply put your application onhold and thy will ask you to submit your newborns documents once baby is out. Thy will give you approx 30-40 days after your due date to submit your baby’s document so those 30 days will be crucial. Even if you are not able to collect all your baby’s document thy will consider documents which you were able to collect in those 30 days and thy may give you additional time.

They will only need baby’s medical after that and not yours.

Once your baby gets added to your application, they will send to you new request to submit your passports. This time you have to submit passports of all 3… Congratulations!! Your case is approved now just enjoy ths moment and don’t forget to inform IRCC about your pregnancy. Do it right away!!

5 months. Sorry just saw your message…

@Regina_Phalange Hi, Even I have faced the same issue, My daughter was born the next week of receiving the COPR. I tried raising 3 web forms in the span of 4 months for notifying IRCC about the birth of my child and to kick off her medicals but there was no response,

Since my wife(declared as a non accompanying spouse in the application) and child would not be accompanying me on landing . Will I be allowed to enter Canada as my child is not yet declared?

Hi I am in the same situation. What can I do ?