85 points EOI for 189, 190 VIC and NSW

Hi, can someone provide any estimate about the waiting period to receive an invitation. I have 85 points for 189 and 85+5 for 190. Applied for NSW and VIC. My occupation is computer network professional 263111. EOI date is 18 September 2019

Hi Deville. I’ve same ANZCO code 263111, I’ve 80 points for 189 and 85 for 190 NSW and Vic. Seems NSW is only sending invitations to onshore applicants for now.

@Faheem_Jeelani Is it possible to apply 190 for two regions? NSW and VIC?

I was under the impression that you can apply for only one region.

Ofcourse of u can apply for any region (190) but its better to lodge a separate EOI for each region. Wait for other responses as well .

You can apply for as many states. Are you on shore or off shore?

I’m offshore - with 85points for 189 and 90 points for 190 (VIC) for 263111.

Hi, I am offshore (261313) with 85 points for 189 and 90 for 190 (VIC). I heard only onshore candidates are getting invites. I there any one with from offshore got invite for same job code?

Is there anyone offshore candidate with 90 points (with SS points) got invites for Visa Subclass 190?

Did you submit an application for Victoria nomination using their website (https://liveinmelbourne.vic.gov.au/)?

Yea, I have 85+5 points, carpenter. I was invited Feb 5, and applied/paid fees immediately and have all documents preloaded and I used an agency. I heard they’re only granting onshore candidates and priority occupations offshore at this moment in time. Hopefully they don’t take forever and we all recieve our long awaited grants!

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