489 visa when can i expect(261311)

Hi I have applied my visa for Central west on dec-18-2018 and medicals are done by Jan-18-2019. By when can i expect my visa grant.

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When are you going? Have you got your visa grant? I have applied 489 visa in December and waiting for my grant.

Hi Khushi,

That was default signature. I am still waiting for my visa. That was my question “Hi I have applied my visa for Central west on dec-18-2018 and medicals are done by Jan-18-2019. By when can i expect my visa grant.”

Which region did u apply.

Hi Gadepalli and Khushi,

I too have lodged for 489 on 13th Dec 2018 and waiting for visa grant. Did you try myimmi tracker tool? It has given me grant timeline by 21st May 2019. I am not sure how accurate this tool is. Did you try the paid one?

Hi Nik, No I did not try. I was just using analysis given by immi tracker. It says Feb-1-19. Can you share the link for that tool.

Hi Gadepalli,

I am new to this website. Upon signing up, I received option to go for 1 month or 3 month plan. I paid USD 25 for 3 months plan. Basically I added my case and then paid for it. Afterwards I started to see an option where it gives me an estimate for “Grant date” and “CO contact date”. I am not sure if this feature is available free of cost as well. Just explore it more and then decide if you want to pay for this feature. So far I have found stats very helpful. Hoping that I will receive grant well before estimated timeframe.

Hi Nik,

Yes stats seems to be good. Hope we will get our grant soon. I see the trend for 489, Nov Applications are being addressed

Dear, I think they are clearing previous cases. I lodged on 15th Dec. Still status is received. Estimated time for 489 is 6 months I think. So we have to wait.

Yes, this feature also appears on free access.

489 grants seem to have stopped. Does anyone know of any grants for applications lodged in December 2018 yet? The latest one showing on the tracker is for application on the 29th of November 2018.

There is still no progress on 489. The 29th of November 2018 is still the newest lodged visa granted.

Yes, it is doubtful whether they have stopped processing of 489 visa applications submitted after Nov. 2018. Any feedback from migration agents on this?..

It looks like the visas are trickling through again. Holding thumbs

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Yes. There have been a small number of grants in the past few days.

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We have lodged VISA 489 on 27 Nov 2018. Got response for some additional information on 21 May 2019. Still waiting for the GRANT - as haven’t heard further. Will complete the time mentioned earlier of 8 Months in next few days. What are the chances of getting it ? Any estimated dates ?