261313 Software Engineer with 75 points for State Sponsor


I have applied 261312 with 70+5(NSW) points with IELTS 6 .what are the chances of getting invitation ?

Yes you do have… Do you prefer NSW? don’t you like Melbourne?

Yes I did applied for Melbourne as well

Hi Nikhil, How’s it going? Any updates?

For the software engineer 261313, can I expect invitation with 75 points for any state like NSW or VICTORIA??

Hi developer programmer 65+5 nsw eoi logged June 2018 Any chance for me thnx

Hi, I logged EOI with on 12 aug 2018, with 70 points for 189 and 75 points for 190. When can i expect an invite if any?

What is your occupation ??

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2613 software engineer

When do you think I would get an invite? Anzsco-261313, points 75, eoidate- 04-JUL-2018.

Hi Vibha,I applied on same date with 70 points with state nomination, but there seems very few chances,now they send invites on 11th of everything month and reports are available on their website

My occupation is 261313 software engg

in next 2 rounds

Hello All,

I have submitted the eoi for 261313 at 70 points for 189 and 75 for 190. When i can expect invitation and how much backlogs have been cleared for same?

Hi, Did anyone get invites in either August 2018 to Jan 2019 rounds at 70 points. Im standing at 70 points for Software Engineer . EOI lodged on Nov with 65 and updated on 14th Jan with 70 points and 75 for NSW state nomination. You can reach me at +91 9620417073 and please add me if there’s a watsapp group.

Thanks Amith

Hi ,

Did anybody got invite for NSW 190 with 75 points recently ICT 2613?

Hi Iqbal, what are your updates please?

Hi bro… you got invitation ?

Is 75 points in software engineer occupation are good enough to recieve invitation in sub class 190 visa ?

Have you got the invitation?