261313 Software Engineer with 75 points for State Sponsor

261313 Software Engineer with 75 points for State Sponsor
4.7 10


Hi All,

Software Engineer 261313 70 points for 189. 75 points for 190. Applied date: 27 March 2018 Waiting for EOI.

Can anyone please let me know the current wait time for the Software engineer(261313) with 75 points and is there any chance to get 189 invite with 70 points?

Thanks & Regards, Arvind


I have same points as you. Applied on 18th March. No replies yet for me as well.


I have applied for same code 261313 for 75 points for 180 and 80 points for 190…

Have filled EOI on 30 March 2018 - Got NSW Pre-invite on 14 April - Filled Application for 190 on 15 April.


Same score as you. EOI updated on 08 March. No updates yet. Looks like even States want 75+ points now.


Any good news from you mate?


Not yet :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


Do you guys have any whatsapp group


Hi, have you been invited? I am creating a Whatsapp group for people awaiting invite with 70 points for 261313. If you’re interested, share your number to +91 87969 16781.


Hi my points are 75 + 5 for 190, created eoi on 06/07/2018 for software engg with ielts score 8.5 and total exp as 8 years. How soon can I get invitation from NSW and Victoria.

Also is there any whats app group for the same?


Hi @nikhil_2018,

Even I am new to this process, waiting for invitation.

But as per my observation through different blogs, I guess you will be invited in next 2 weeks max.


Hi @Rakhesh_rajan, @Cricket_Arvind,

What is you score in English language test ? Have you guys got 20 points or 10 points.


PTE - 20 Experience - 10 Qualification - 15 Age - 25

Not sure, if i need to wait at all.

Regards, Rakhesh Rajan


Shared. Thanks.



so you are referring to 189 or 190?


Shared. Please add in the group.


Hi Nikhil,

I also submitted EOI on 6 Jul 2018 for software engineer with 75+5 for 190 and English - 20 points.

Please keep me posted with your results or any further updates.


yeah sure. what was your PTE score in all sections and how many years experience you have?

For which state have you submitted EOI.


I got Overall 87 with S -90,W-89, R-86 and L - 85. I have submitted 189, 190 for both NSW and vic


Did you go through any Migration Agent or was it individual ?



I have applied 261312 with 70+5(NSW) points with IELTS 6 .what are the chances of getting invitation ?