251312 NSW 70 points

Hi experts, I have lodged EOI for NSW states sponsorship with 70 points inc STate points. Occupational Health and Safety advisor. Lodged 7/2/20. I received invitation at 75 points bcz I by mistake claimed 5 experience points not aware vetassess deducted. Again submitted on 7/2/20 with 70 points and with drawn previous one. My visa expires 12/4/20 Please let me know are there any chAnces ? How to track here?

There is one invitation last year And one awaiting with 65 points lodged on 30/01/20 Hope u get urs soon :+1:t4:

Look for Expression of interest 190 tracker and then Click on occupation then scroll down , u can see all the invitations

Hello Kirr,

Any latest update on your application?

I also submit new EOI again with 75 and will try to get 79+ in PTE again

No update till now. Have you applied onshore? How many years of work experience you claimed points for ?and vetasses skilled assessment? Work experience is according to vetasses?

You received an invite?

Not yet