190 Subclass Visa

190 Subclass Visa
5.0 2


I have calculated my points that is 65.what are chances get 190 Visa with 65 points.

Job Code 262113.

Thanks & Regards Lalit Sharma


I’ve not seen invites for a while… for 65 system admins.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for information. Then how much points are require to get 190 Subclass Visa.


that’s a tough question, i am not sure if NSW invites system admins under stream 1 or 2? If its stream 2 then 75+5 is most likely… if stream 1 then 70+5… on that lines.


Hi Andy,

What are chances get PR in Canada.Following are my details.

Education - BSC(IT) Exp. - Server Admin 7 years.


Please use CRS calc to calculate your points: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/crs-tool.asp


Hi Andy,

I have calculated my points are 436.

Please tell me what are chances with above points.



What are the chances of getting invitation at 65 Points for Civil engineer (233211) - 189 Stream

Also at 70 Points Civil engineer - 190 Stream (NSW state)

Date lodged: 6-06-2018


Hi, I had applied for 190 with 60+5 points and had got an invitation within 1 month. I have now lodged my Visa in April first week and still waiting for PR since 8 months now.

How much more time can I take? My CO had contacted me in Sept first week with a query to which I had responded soonafter.