190 NSW

Hi I have got my 190 invitation on 7th June 2019. A case officer was assigned in December 19, and he did reference check for my employment. My agent told me that I should now expect my PR in next few weeks. Since then I haven’t heard anything from immigration. It’s been now 12 months and 14 days already. I have called them multiple times, but no has provided me any information in relation to my application. DOHA website says the process time is 5-7 months. Can anyone suggest me that what could have happen with my application or where can I check what is going one with my application.

I am in a similar boat as you (in ACT). Applied for 190 visa in Sep 2019 through an agent (who is completely useless). 3rd March I get a request for further information. Since then, nothing. No idea how long it will take. Extremely worried and anxious at the moment. :frowning:

I hope someone answers our questions… or even give us some sort of an update, either will work for me.

I’m not sure who can help us. But in my case CO did not even ask for more documents. Hence I’m not sure what is happening ? Is it possible that they would have lost my application?

Sorry for the late response. I kinda forgot the name of this website. LOL

Extremely unlikely that they lose application. do you have access to your application via immiaccount?

Lodged on 12 Jan 2020, haven’t heard anything yet.