190 NSW Motor Mechanic (general) 321211

Hi was just wandering if any of you know if a 60+5 as a Motor mechanic 321211 will be enough points to secure a invite anytime soon from NSW.

many thanks

Has anyone received a NSW 190 invite so far this month?

yes, a number of people did receive invites, but high pointers, you can check here: https://myimmitracker.com/en/au/trackers/expression-of-interest-sc190

Sort by state: NSW

hey, i can see a number of people invited with 55+5:

So i say you have a decent chance.

When you come to Sydney please get in touch!!:)))

we are using a agent - so lets just hope the email is waiting in their inbox lol. We can but hope. thanks for your help xx

Yay invite received 20th Oct!!!

Congrate mate :slight_smile:

Once you apply, it will take 3-6 weeks to get an approval.

please note: official maximum processing time for NSW is 12 weeks, however, i have never seen them processing application that long.

All the best!

Thank you for that information, thats a great help, means I won’t be checking my email every minute now lol… just every day ha ha

Hello good people,

Please what is the current invitations rate and time frame for invites? Eoi submitted two weeks ago with 65pts w/o spouse English. What are my chances?