189- Visa -Co Contact For Relationship proof and France PCC

Hi All,

We have applied for the 189 Visa having 75(70 +5 Partner Skills) Points. We have been contacted by Case Officer for the below. -> Further evidence of relationship ( as we had submitted only Marriage Certificate). -> Certified True copy of France PCC.

Question1) My Husband was working in France for 3 years and I had visited him couple of times. We have Downloaded the PCC from Online and have it certified and uploaded. Is this sufficient?

Question 2) Further proof for relationship. We have attached below documents. Kindly let us know if these are sufficient. -> the marriage photos -> the Notarized signed copy from Mother , Brother , In-laws declaring the proof of marriage. -> Travel Tickets ->Insurance copies having our names on it. -> Bank Statements with Highlighted transactions from each other . NOTE: We don’t have any joint accounts or property in a joint name to showcase.

Question 3) Do we have to upload Partner Payslips / Employment copy/Tax related information of France? Note: We have the ACS skills verified. Currently my Spouse is working in India and we have uploaded his recent IT-tax returns(last 2 years) of India.

Thanks in Advance. D

Hi, Were they convinced? How did you attach the photographs? Take a harcopy,details on the back, scan both the sides and sent?