189 application - New born - "on the paper" health assessment?

Hi frds, I have submitted by application for 189 in Jan 2018. I am on On shore candidate and have a baby born in April. They were kind enough to add my kid into the application with out any extra cost and have provided me with HAP ID for the infant. They also mentioned (during CO contact) to get his medicals done. As he was born in Australia and is less than 6 months old, they suggested to get “On the paper” health assessment (for which i had to submit

  1. Letter from GP
  2. Signed medical consent form I have submitted these the very next day. Untill today (more than 2 months :frowning: ) no response from them and also in my immi account , for my infant it shows (health assessment : required).

Has anyone of you in similar situation? what is the procedure ahead? Any update is very helpfull and thanks in advance.

I received this letter today and I don’t know what to do. can you please help me with this situation?

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Finally someone replied. Were you asked the above two (letter from GP + signed medical consent form)? if so just upload them and click the button.

Please keep me also updated if you get any updates/ information regarding this, thank you.

Hi @sushanth, I am in the same situation. I see that your post was a year ago, so can you tell me what happened for you? Like, did you get the visa? Did you have to do something to unlock the situation? Thanks

Hi Sushanth, I am in the same situation uploaded my documents while ago but on health section it still says health examination required. Can uou please share your experience

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Hi! Im in the same situation. Its been two month since the GP health letter + emedical consent were attached. Now my baby is turning 6 month and health requirements still showing in my immi account. any updates? Thanks

I was in the same situation.

I have received an email to reply back to the same email with attachments retaining the original subject which has reference ID. Additionally, I uploaded on immiaccount, just for record.

I have received clearance in about 2 weeks. This happened in last(March) month.

If you have followed the same procedure and the status is not changing after 2 months, i would advice to raise a compliant on feedback section and immiaccount technical issues.


Thanks for your reply! Do you mean you got an email from your CO? I’ve never received any email :thinking: In my case when health assessment in BUPA, they informed me babies born in AU and less than 6-months-old just need a GP and consent letter. So they canceled my baby’s appointment and i attached those documents straightaway to my immi account.


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In my case, I received an email from skilled.support@homeaffairs.com.au and they have advised to reply on same email with those 2 documents.

When they added your baby to the application. Have you received any reference number? If you have that reference number handy, you can send email to the above one

With Subject: Reference number Attach both the documents

Hi guys, Could someone please explain where you get emedical consent form? Is that something which is provided by GP or is emedical consent form available on immi website? Thanks a lot

Hi Thank you for providing this information. I have been through the same and just responded back to CO through reply email with GP letter and signed consent form. Can you please tell after how much time your kid’s medical was cleared and also how much time took for grant after that? Thank you in anticipation.

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