Whatsapp group 189

Whatsapp group 189
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I applied EOI with 60 points after assessment was positive,for 189 category in Civil Engineer Technician(ANZCO Code 312212). my age is 32+ for this year(Birth month June). My English results(7.5,7,7,6.5) were Competent.Bsc Civil.9 years of experience after HND. How much time will the process take for this category?Do you advice me to improve my English Test n increase the score . Is there any competition for this category? Any advice in this regard will be highly appreciated.


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Whatsapp groups 189 Only (No 190 Please)

Visa Lodged (Awaiting Grant) Group Link


Whatsapp groups 189 Only (No 190 Please)

Visa Lodged (Awaiting Grant)


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Hello everyone, I am a U.S. born ~ Indian ~looking to migrate to Australia. I have 65 points and need someone’s help to guide me through the process and to answer a few questions. I would really appreciate it if you guys can please add me to any WhatsApp Group Chat Australian Immigration, weather it is for people who have already migrated or for people who are still in the process.

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