Visa Grant Delay 189

Ya coming next week. Thanks for the heads up on AFP. Will do it. Processing of backlog will resume from July i guess. Right now they are picking latest applications to fill their quota before 30 June. July onwards things will improve

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I wish they start processing older applications first in July.


Makes me wonder if (hypothetically), after all this time we could have withdrawn our applications, gone through the process again, reapplied, and gotten our visa quicker than it was to wait… probably not, but fun to think about.

Any update on offshore 189 processing pending from 2018/19 ?

No update bro, they are insensitive. Any update from your side??

There is no update either for CO contacts or grants. With most of the Covid restrictions gone, they also should remove the critical sectors from the visa processing and start to process applications based on the lodgement date.


Bro any update on processing??

No update yet.

Any latest info when they gonna resume offshore grant ??

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Only god can answer. I also mailed to higher authorities but only standard response received from them as always.

Any offshore grant updates ?

@ds88 bro were you able to activate your bridging?

Any news bro?? some positive?? they are processing only new files…

Nothing yet bro. Everything is halted no contacts, no grants. Temporary visas are still getting processed as usual but no progress on skilled visas

Any idea when they gonna start for skilled ?

True bro, even I already contacted to upper authorities of immigration but their critical sector saga is going on.

What’s the way to contact upper authorities ? Can you plz tell

contact with these links:

I contacted through the both these links and they acknowledged both the message in their response letter. You can also contact them through these links.

Ok thanks for sharing

Hi all,any offshore grant updates anywhere ?