Visa Grant Delay 189

As of Feb-2022 they filled 70k seats. In 3 months may be another 40-50k seats. I think there could be still 20-30k seats left bro. For 189 there must be 1000-1500 seats still available. Its just a week since new minister came. Lets hope for some movement later this month.


Bro any news on processing?

No bro no news. They will start from July as the new ceiling will apply from july.

Hi Bro, i got my Tourist Visa today. Thanks for all your help. Will be traveling to my home in Sydney next week finally.


Congratulations!! Were you stuck offshore on bvb as well?

Yes. I was bro.

Congratulations bro. Hope life goes easy on you now. As soon as you enter Australia you can apply for replacement bva visa from your immi account. If you want any help regarding explanation for applying bva you can ask me anytime. :pray:

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What is the maximum stay period of your visa bro?

Thanks. Yeah sure bro. I will leave a message here on how to do it.

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Same. 3 years, 3 Months Stay. 12/18 Months Max Stay.

I guess all BV holders are issued the same visitor visa

Alright bro. Your bva will become active once your max stay period ends. So it’s better if you travel early. :+1: Also as soon as you reach onshore apply for a afp police check as well just to avoid more co contacts.

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Bro any news on processing? I heard that they are processing only latest applications.

Nothing concrete. Let’s just wait for few more days and see what they do

Ya coming next week. Thanks for the heads up on AFP. Will do it. Processing of backlog will resume from July i guess. Right now they are picking latest applications to fill their quota before 30 June. July onwards things will improve

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I wish they start processing older applications first in July.


Makes me wonder if (hypothetically), after all this time we could have withdrawn our applications, gone through the process again, reapplied, and gotten our visa quicker than it was to wait… probably not, but fun to think about.

Any update on offshore 189 processing pending from 2018/19 ?

No update bro, they are insensitive. Any update from your side??