Visa Grant Delay 189

How many offshore grants we have received in Jan 2022

i request to everybody to sign this petition also:

Signed bro :+1:

Thanks bro

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Done brother. Yes I am also stuck on bridging visa B expired in may 2020.

please everybody sign this petition also:

Decide 189/190/489/491 backlogs before new financial year

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Done brother

Done man

Bro our petition moving slowly I think we have to do more, Bro can you contact aus agents from your side?? as i already sent them the link but till no response. Anyone who have applied through the agents kindly request to their agents for helping us to get success for our petition…

Done, bro

Thanks for you support. Kindly spread it in your contacts as much as possible.

Ok bro. I will send it to the agents on Facebook.

I have forwarded it to many contacts.but it still slow -312 as of now

I think we have to send the details of these petitions to opposition ministers who was always doing support for us…

Not sure why DHA is fooling around giving new invites when they cannot process 3 year old cases.

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have you signed both petitions??

Yes because not many people are in the same pool. It’s just less than 1000 people who are suffering like us. Anyway I hope to see some progress now because many people have started to raise their voices.

Exactly how many offshore applications there of 2018/19 or 20,any info ?

Last time I saw a foi it was <700 for 189 and that too including primary and secondary applicants. Unsure about 190.

Must be less than 500 who are waiting from over 24 months