Visa Grant Delay 189

And that is likely to be passed by July 22…and no one knows when…so we dont have any options than wait…and waste our career and time in years

Absolutely true. I am convinced seeing Chinese grants during covid.

And the last one was a shocker. Offshore grant in just one month for a Chinese.

Even in previous days news on grant delays include only chinese applicant’s concerns…

do you mean health care and education here, what benefits do you think they may stop?

after pr benefits…

unclear to me

Hello guys, I was one of you , I got my PR in Feb 2020, just before the pandemic.

In between I keep visiting this forum to check the latest updates as I have a few younger cousins who are PR applicants.

I landed in Australia a week before the great Aussie lockdowns. It was difficult for me to get a job because of the uncertainty created by Covid. To be honest I survived on government payments when I was unemployed. Trust me, the unemployment benefits for citizens and PR holders was a big burden on the government.

I just thought of writing this post to pass on some ground info.

The biggest reason for extremely low grants is the probable cost of unemployed PR holder + probable medical costs as well. The economy is picking up now and they will surely require more talented people.

Two risk factors in the near term are:

  1. Newer Covid variants (adds to the uncertainty. Covid is the biggest enemy of immigration. Even after coming here, everything has become slow because of Covid - schooling, job search, documentation, house hunting)
  2. Upcoming federal elections. (immigration is a political issue since sometime now)

Once the above two things gets sorted out, the grants should start flowing again. (thats how the real world works).

Please keep yourselves motivated and keep upskilling during this time. Your skillset will help you a lot here.


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Agree with all your points especially with the offshore applicants are more likely to claim unemployment benefits when they reach Australia.

People here are frustrated because the department is biased towards a particular group of migrants and another thing is that the newer applicants are getting grants or co contacts whilst there is no communication for people waiting from over 24 months and some even 36 months.

If they can give grant to an offshore applicant who have applied for it few weeks ago then why can’t they give the grant to the same category applicant who have applied for it since years.

Just because we are habitual of waiting now? How fair is that? It isn’t even matter of grant now it’s straight forward human rights violation.

Staying positive and motivated is another thing but imagine how it feels when people who are behind you in a line are asked to jump the queue to get served first.

I appreciate your post to keep us motivated :slightly_smiling_face:


If they can do worse with a tennis star like this just to satisfy their ego. then they can do anything with anyone even with their own citizens like they were doing throughout the pandemic.

Absolutely agree with you, there should be some fairness, I am waiting for 33 months now, very frustrating to see people getting grants who lodged recently.

Is there any place we can all stand united abd raise our voice? apart from just waiting?

already covid cases are going on high side. now they again start same covid game. forget all these things

This should subside in feb i guess

nothing will happen even in feb no hope from them

how are you hundred percent sure on this?

We can’t do anything brother as nothing is going to help. We even wrote the emails to ministers as well and they are least cared about us. So just waiting is the only option left.

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because we have done with every possible action what we can do for us.

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I think come 2024 they will send regret emails that we are not going ahead on offshore applications. And then rest in peace the wait time effort time and money

even these days there is no grants reported on agents’s social profile. i think department gave its full staff to tennis player’s case.

TRUTH? Why you think there is some kind of conspiracy? You can go and check the grant database about the “average time to grant based on nationality”, if you think this is conspiracy base on the applicant’s nationality and ethnicity, you should go and pray to Brahman.

  • Others: 92 ~194 days
  • Bangladesh : 63~241 days
  • China : 49~207 days
  • India: 68~218 days
  • Iran:81~261 days
  • Pakistan:88~254 days
  • Philippine:53~197days
  • south africa:69~197 days
  • UK:57~179 days

we already waiting for 2 years now. then what is it??