Visa Grant Delay 189

Thank you @Samu. My visa processing agent not asked me to upload vaccination doc even though I mentioned him that I am fully vaccinated now. I will cross check again and upload.

Any instance where uploading it trigger CO contact or grant for offshore people (just random question)?

No, nothing will happen. They have not told anyone that vaccination certificates should be uploaded. We are doing it for our satisfaction and never give any chance to CO to ask for documents. If you have a mirror account, you can upload it on your own.

Never received similar reply for the feedback given. Do they reply to all the feedbacks given?

same here

Thanks again, I have access to my account. I will upload too :slight_smile: .


Australia in doubt of reopening with new strain propelling hahaha.

OVERREACT. Nothing can do with this.

Question pls…what if during this ridiculously long wait…one’s age has exceeded the upper ceiling being over 32 yrs old?

Don’t worry. that will not affect anything. you are safe.

After lodgement the points are frozen. You shouldn’t worry about age.

It is the fact that border opening is delayed now.

I used the the word OVERREACT for the politicians not for you.

Never mind. The federal elections are just around the corner :grimacing:

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I think green will win. As people are fed up with all this. 2 years really they don’t care.

Greens don’t stand a chance bro. Scomo will win again. He has accumulated votes on our sacrifices :neutral_face: and the funny thing is that there is no one who cares about us.

you are absolutely right. did you consult any agent about offshore visas processing??

All we 189 ppl can do at the current stage is to keep writing messages to those callously shrewd politicians…guys we gotta keep pushing them to CARE

don’t know whether they will start to process the offshore applications as PR benefits from next month will be revoked.

Look at this FOI. Interesting facts.

Thanks @H.Singhkamboj for sharing. Very long document. No processing time for offshore candidate in FOI and there is very less number of offshore applications for 189.