Visa Grant Delay 189

If you are waiting for your visa grant than you don’t need to reappear for exam. All the documents for which you claimed points at the time of invitation must be valid at that time. The only documents which expire are medical and police checks.

Yes I m waiting for my grant. But last time someone asked in group that case officer asked him to send PTE score through Pearson account. If score is not available on Pearson account then what to do. So I fear that case officer can ask for new score. And looking the circumstances they can do and can ask anything, and also they will give only 28 days for that.

So you haven’t sent them the scores before? If not just send them now and keep the email as proof.

Okk thanks for that.

You will get this confirmation email after you send the scores.

Thanks Gurminder I just checked that I have already sent my score to DHA at the time of my visa application in 2019 and kept the email confirmation from Pearson.

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Global processing time changes to 29 months for 189 point tested stream

It’s just the indication of the average age of the finalised applications in the previous month. It gets updated every 20th of month.

I am sitting at 30 months.

Any offshore grant ???

Nothing until 80% of adult population 16+ in Australia gets fully vaccinated. Currently it sits at 75% for first jab. People who got their first jab will obviously get the second one in a month at most. Hopefully we will see the summer in Australia :sunglasses::crossed_fingers:

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That too they don’t intend to process application offshore. They intend to allow residents to travel abroad and come back.

Please follow the actual media releases because most of the media outlets will tell you their opinion on the news and not the actual news.

For your information Here is the official link of the media release posted on the official home affairs website.

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I already told you that will start look at the applications from december and change the direction of processing. Their 80% target to vaccinate the people will be completed upto mid november for over 16.


Ok. Let’s see who gets grants or co contacts from offshore starting Jan 2022. I have seen tall claims from Australia in last 2 years since covid had hit.

Just try to remain optimistic.

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No mention of 189 or 190?

don’t know what will happen to those who are completely offshore lodged on 2018/2019,no bridge visa etc nothing,never landed in Australia before.But those who were in onshore n became offshore due to COVID bad luck for them no worry I guess…

I am completely offshore and lodged in Feb 2019. I am bearish and not bullish on the visa application.