Visa Grant Delay 189

Interesting info. Should that make offshore candidates who are waiting for grant , more likely to get one ?. just because there are not a lot of applications from offshore candidates

yes once they start normal processing we will be first in the list :grin:

Well, I certainly hope so. We have a lot of effort, energies and dollars invested on this…

Hope so things get better in sometime. Covid has created so much problems for offshore people. Previously other countries were having Covid wave and now Australia is dealing with it. I can only hope and pray :pray::neutral_face: .

476 visas are granted these days or not??

Should I apply this visa?? however I am already waiting for 190 PR grant?? kindly give me the suggestions

Hi All, Does anybody have the list of EOI’s submitted/pending i.e excluding the one’s already got invitations under the visa 189 for stream ICT Security specialist 262112 for points 80,85,90,95,100 ? Thanks,

i think just waiting for your 190 visa grant is a better option for you because even you get granted any other visa you will need to have travel exemption to enter into australia.

you can lodge a freedom of information request

Hi everyone! Just a general query! Does everyone who has received a 189 invite and is waiting for final Visa grant gets an “Immi Assessment Commence” EMAIL? Or can someone also have direct grant without receiving this email? Thanks in advance!

Hi Everyone, Is anyone updated any info. in the immi site after getting fully vaccinated?

all members in this group are waiting for grant. you are lucky that you got immi assessment commence email which means you will get your grant soon. one question - are you onshore?

Hi! Gurminder! I was asking the query just for my knowledge! I have not received any email yet since lodging my application back in July, 2020.

you can also get direct grant if you are onshore and your pcc and medical are not expired in last 15 months.

i was also thinking of doing so but i think we should wait for the official announcement because may be they can ask the vaccine certificate on arrival rather than on visa application. lets see how the things progress in coming months.


Let’s see. Nowadays I don’t see any 189 grants.

few onshore people got grant recently but none for offshore.

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No. I am an offshore applicant from India.

i think you will get your grant soon because people who were invited last year are getting grants first.

I hope so. However, I have noticed that even for offshore candidates, MHA is processing visas only for occupations in PMSOL. My occupation is Chemical Engineer which is not listed in PMSOL. Hence, I am not expecting much this financial year.

you will get grant soon just watch :grin:

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