Visa Grant Delay 189

Brother kindly explain me in simple words. My life is already messed up. I don’t want diplomatic answers.

I am a offshore person.

Yes you are right that immigration has now accessing to ATO from the last 6 months but it is to stop the tax evasion and further assess the character of temporary residents.

Don’t worry you don’t need to worry at all.

Thanks bro

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It’s not just going to take ages, it won’t happen. Certain countries (the US) are even passing laws making it illegal to have vaccine certificates/passports!

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This is unrealistic.

They need to review and re assess this as this covid issue evolves.

It may be a more simple vaccine document like they’re already requiring for other diseases.

Additionally, It may be just speculation as the PM already acknowledged the vaccine won’t stop the spread of the virus and stated it’s not compulsory to take it for age care worker.

So, It will be nonsense to wait for a global certificate given the vaccine can’t avoid the infection.

There is a lot of speculation out there in a changeable environment.

The country can’t sustain an economic isolation forever and at some point they need to make more realistic decision and accept this an endemic disease.

team, i got my grant after 20 months yesterday (telecommunications, july 2019, 1st co contact 9th march).onshore wife is offshore, i am onshore…things seems moving a little now, 2019/18 batch is worst affected…my best wishes is always with you guys

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Congratulations buddy…

Congrats, good to see the queue moving a bit.

i want to ask about birth certificate from you. Actually i had a birth certificate from punjab and made it in 2014. it was filled by pen written (old format) in english version and i submitted it in immi account for age proof at the time of application lodgement. Recently i made a new certificate of birth from punjab which is made on the basis of previous certificate registration number proof. It is computerised and it can be verified digitally on the website. So, should i submit new certificate also in immi account or not?? because old one require physical verification.

Why you are overthinking man? CO will contact you if require computerized.

I haven’t submitted any birth certificate. I have got a grant. As someone told above, if required, CO will ask for it.

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When u received your grant? When u lodge file?

dont stress provide both and also attach your passport in the age proof.

@Seven_Eight_Six did you got your grant?

261313-onshore Lodged : 18th July 2019 FIRST CO : 1st March 2021 Grant : 31St March 2021Preformatted text

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Hi all, I have a small query. My AFP and PCC are expiring this month. Shall I get new ones?

My details are: 261313 (onshore), Lodged: 4th May 2020, First CO contact: 7th March 2021 - asking for Medicals as it had expired. No contact thereafter.

no need. your grant is on the way as you have been contacted recently just for medicals. grace period for pcc afp is 15 months for onshore. the case officer has already put a green tick against your police checks.

Hello mate,

You lodged your file by self or agent?

How many points mate Because we lodged on 22April,2020 with 95 points but still showing received.

My details are: 261312(onshore), Lodged: 22nd 2020