Visa Grant Delay 189

I will be clocking 2 years of wait on 28th Feb 2021. I am offshore applicant.

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So many grants nowadays, two of my friends got their grants yesterday. Their application dates were 20-30 March with Petroleum Engineering occupation. I myself applied on 13 March with Mechanical Occupation. Still waiting for grant. All the best


Good news…are they offshore or onshore?

same here…offshore applicant…completing 2 years of lodging application on 6th Apr 2021

All of them are onshore

My friend who applied in oct2019 got grant today. 2613 code onshore



Timeline below: 261313 - 189 (point tested) Onshore

Invite rec - 10th jan 2020 App lodged - 14th Jan 2020 CO contact - 26th feb 2020 (Overseas PCC) Responded - 26th feb 2020 Grant - 24th feb 2021

Seeing how many people are confirming, it looks like old applications are being prioritised. For everyone waiting, IT WILL COME! :heart:

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i am very happy for you. congratulationsssssss :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Many congratulations @OnlyHuman :smiley:

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Good News, Congratulation @OnlyHuman. Please be in touch of this group.

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Just checking is there anyone else waiting for grant for 261313 - onshore for more than 22 months? If i am the only one i might have to reconsider the wait as my pcc and medicals expire tomorrow for the second time :sweat_smile:

did you got any co contact in 22 months?

yes once on 15th Feb 2020 for Medical and PCC, submitted both on 25th Feb 2020.

I am very close to you. 19 months and no co contact so far

Oh okay, i hope you get direct grant otherwise they ask for Medicals and PCC and further delay the process. Which i think is going to happen with me again.

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Congrats on your grant.

Well It’s a wrong statement. Your application is not old considering there are many waiting since March 2019 and even earlier.

It seems it’s easier for them to decide the ones within a year back as no need to request new Police and health check.

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Congrats mate, Software engineer is in critical skill, they will grant the visa to people are in critical skills.

Other sector people will take time, may be in FY 21-22.

Same here , waiting from July 2019 without co contact, Onshore and on bridging.

Are you waiting from Onshore or offshore?

Same here, I’ve been waiting for 19 months. Lodged on July 2019. Offshore. 261313. No CO contact.