Visa Grant Delay 189

I saw on an agent’s website, they had three 189 visa grants on 5th and 6th August.


Hello ,

It was a good news then.Is it possible to ask the agent if there are any information available to them. Or as Akash specified in his earlier comment if it is possible for the agent to contact DoHA to get more information on this process. The waiting time is really frustrating.Earlier the time for either CO contact or direct Grant was within 3 months.But now it has been 5 months and no update or contact from anyone.

I just had a look at the previous years statistics - visa grants by period. Interesting that both 2018 and 2017 see significant drop in June - August period. Makes me feel better in a way

There’s one grant updated today. A Dec 2018 applicant who had raised a complaint on DHA website. Is it okay to raise a complaint before the completion of standard processing time i.e. 7-9 months?

Good point. My application hasn’t hit the 7 months mark yet, so although I really want my grant and the wait is exhausting I’m trying not to freak out and just wait. But obviously it could be a way for those who have been waiting for over 9 months

Looks like there is a freeze on Direct Grants for Lodgements after Feb. I dont see any direct grants given for lodgments after Feb. Any grants that have come in August have been either Direct grants from Jan or grants for older lodgements.

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I submitted on 5 Mar, no any news yet

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Applied on 29th March 2019. Haven’t heard anything yet. This is really slow.

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Hello guys, the same. Applied on March 9 and nothing yet. I’ll keep you informed.

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submitted EOI 29th jan 2019 - business analyst - 75 points. no response yet. when you guys say applied do you mean you received the Invitation already and ‘applied’ but no response?

No man. This topic in this forum is for people who already received the invitation, uploaded the documents and paid.

You didn’t receive the invitation yet.

ah i see. ok then. thats even more scary

Hi i lodged on feb 6th with 75points and co contact on may 7th, my medicals expired so he asked me to take new medical examination i have done medicals on may 15th and till now i did not got grant or any co query again, generally how many days it may take for co to grant once medicals submitted

applied 10th march 2019 75 points all docs uploaded including medicals done and we have heard noting since.

Hi all, I applied 189 visa on 28th feb, no CO contact and no grant till today. :roll_eyes:

There was a grant today for 189 who applied on feb 27

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Hi Gurjeet

How many points you claimed and what was your occupation?

Regards Sam

Hi Sam, I applied with 80 points on 28th feb under developer programmer (code 261312). Thanks

I applied my 189 visa on 27 Feb with 70 points under ICT security specialist and haven’t received any update till now. I don’t know how DHA processing the visa applications. Some of the visa applications lodged in march month received updates, but we are still waiting. :frowning:

Yes, My concern is same as yours. I am not sure if we can contact immigration about this delay.