Visa Grant Delay 189

any grant reported in 2021…TIA

SORRY but yes it is real stress

One of my friend got grant recently 261313 Software engineer Applied December 2018 Applied onshore, granted offshore.

Hmm, great.

Not at all. Overall process may extend by 3-4 months for birth registration, passport.

Considering current timelines, 3-4 months isnt a big amount.

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thanku fr sharing it…

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Thank you for sharing Cachito. Can anyone tell me – are all occupations under PMSOL considered as Critical Sectors?

I guess so, and some others, but it seems they are more keen on occupations within the health field.

don’t understand why they are not giving option to candidates to withdraw application with refund of fees…this corona thing is as bad as last year and here to stay for another 2-3 years to say the least…going with their priority order, some applications will remain hanging this like for indefinite time…the priority order of corona related occupations is gonna remain same whenever their next damn cycle begins

exactly. Don’t know why they want to invite even if they are not very interested with giving grants. instead they can slowdown the whole invite process and rather giving those employer sponsored visas they can clear off skilled migration backlogs…

Hello everyone. I know the struggle is real but been waiting for this VISA since like forever. Everything is just gone on hold because of this.

Can someone please help me with this query??? I and my husband applied a joint application with me being secondary applicant. My husband is onshore and I’m onshore. I’m a Software Engineer. And we got our EOI in nov 2019. From that date we didn’t get any communication from CO or anyone. We submitted all docs. One of those docs is Statutory Declaration of my job. Now I really want to switch jobs cause I can’t wait for this Visa forever but I’m scared that once I switch jobs, and some CO goes to verify my work place would that create an issue if I am no longer working in the same company as the one mentioned in my Statutory Declaration?? If they even contact me back for it wouldn’t that cause another delay??

In the same fear I haven’t switched jobs since more than a year!! Could someone please help me if they have any knowledge??

Thank you again everyone.

There is notification link to do changes of circumstances, here you can add current and new employer. Are you planning to switch job on current visa or BVA-189 ?
You will also get experience letter from current employer which can be uploaded on document section.

Also joining letter of New employer.

Hey, no I don’t have any visa current. I just got my EOI. I applied for 189 itself. I was thinking that there is enough delay in visa grant my job change might just delay it even more.

Could you please tell me more about that notification link please?

I submitted the compliant and got the same reply that SC 189 is on 10th (Last) on the priority list. It also mentioned that the processing time is guide only. (I guess we already knew that :smile:). I don’t know how are we supposed to plan our lives ahead as they don’t have any certainty in processing. The wait for me is already nearing 2 years.

Hi all, I recently got in touch with the AUSTRALIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION regarding not to change marital status after lodging an application (- i.e., if points acclaimed for being single) and got the following response (similar to one predicted by many others when I raised this question) -

Dear Mr -;

I refer to your recent contact about the Commonwealth of Australia (Department of Home Affairs).

As I understand it, you raise concerns about the general points test for general skilled migration visas. You make reference to marital status discrimination.

This Commission can inquire into concerns about marital status discrimination in certain areas of public life under the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth) (SDA).

However, this Commission’s complaint function does not extend to considering concerns about law itself or acts done in direct compliance of the law. As I understand it, the general points test for general skilled migration in relation to partners is set out by Schedule 6, Part 6D.11 in Sub regulation 2.26AC(1) of the Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth) (made under the authority of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth)).

I appreciate the concerns you raised, however, as such, I can only suggest that if you have not done so, you seek migration/legal advice about your options. I have attached a fact sheet listing free services for your reference.

Should you have any further queries or wish to provide clarification, please advise by return email.


FYI, I have also attached the list of free services they sent.


Hi All,

I would like to get an advise. I have lodged the SC189 VISA application on 12/12/2018 for Software engineer offshore (India). And got CO contact on 24/05/2019 to submit PCC & Medicals. Then I submitted the same on 19/06/2019. After that nothing happened until now.

Now I am hearing that there may not be a grant for SC189 software engineer offshore until 2022. So, question is will I get PR in 2022 at least ? Or will they just reject it due to long waiting and policies/priorities change ? Problem is I don’t have an opportunity to re-apply EOI as my PTE is expired and age is now above 40yrs. Basically , I do not have any chance to get another invite if I re-apply.

So, only option left out for me is to just wait. But, I will need to have some future plans based on this. If I will get PR in 2022, I can plan my further life in AUS. Otherwise I need to change my plans to live in India itself.

So, any one can help me with their thoughts ? I mean on the chances of getting PR, even if it is late.

Immigration matters are political policies and it’s up to the country’s interest to reshape the programme. This is very sad, especially for students transitioning to permanent residency, given the contribution they have made to the economy over the years, but sadly that’s what it’s.

You have got points for being single and it was advantageous to get an invitation, the problem is processing time.

I will encourage you to focus on getting the visa processing finalised rather than make it more complicated with such a human rights request of intervention that applies more to protection visas (asylum seekers) as point tested skill visas have a different nature.

Well, this waiting time is stressful for everybody affected, including myself, I don’t think paying attention to rumours helps.

I wish we were a more supportive group to take actions or seek advocacy. A folk here started a petition and got many fraudulent signatures which is very disappointing.

Thanks, @Cachito for the advice. Yes, you are right the main issue is the processing time which honestly is not consistent across applicants for no obvious reasons. My application is rather recent (applied August 2020) and honestly have no plans to marry in the near future. However, I just found this annoying and unjust when came across this rule (and other rules such as holding applications for years for unknown reasons), and thus tried to at least speak at a relevant forum. It’s about the general principle of not letting others treat you badly. After all, it’s only a visa, and refusal or any such outcome is not the end of the world.

BTW, regarding a consolidated effort to speak together against processing delays, I also spoke to Julian Hill MP - who recently pushed a private member’s bill in parliament against the FIFO rule that applies to over 30 visa subclasses (not applicable to 189). He said that he will take these concerns on board. He is very proactive and helpful. If we all send an email to him might intrigue him to this issue as well. His info can be found at My 2-Cents!

Thanks, again!

Any suggestions please, if I shall switch job on BVA 189 which has unlimited work authorisation ?