Visa Grant Delay 189

Pre-covid it was a very straight forward and quick visa processing.

Right now I doubt you’ll be able to get back. Bridging visa B is given for 3 months and currently only australian citizens or permanent residents are allowed to enter. If you don’t get a PR visa before is expired and the border is still closed, it’s very unlikely you can get back.

This is the issue of many temporary visa holders stranded overseas.

Australians citizens themselves have to get a permit that allow them to travel overseas as the government don’t want them back if they are traveling for holiday and then bringing the virus to the country.

So, It’s up to you to take the risk.

You have to apply for exemption and state the valid critical reason to get the BV B. But, make sure you are able to get the flight back to Australia within duration of BV B expiry, because still a lot of PR holders and citizens are waiting overseas to comeback and not getting the flight. One of my friend who has PR, his dad expired, Indian embassy guys visited his house and told him, they can send him to India via next day next flight but cant help him getting back to Australia as already a lot of AU residents are waiting there and AU has cap of 4500 to 5500 per week.

My humble request to you is do not travel on bridging visa b. I traveled on bridging visa b in march 2020 and I am currently stuck in India and cannot come back until they process my 189 application. I applied travel exemption 3 times and they refused each time. I am just waiting painfully for my grant because all my belongings, my car my apartment are all there in Melbourne. Until it is life and death scenario please do not travel.

Thank you for your advice, I wanted to know what are my options in emergency situations back at home. I appreciate the honest advice and hope we all get our visas soon and don’t get into a situation where we have to take this option.

could you please explain how to enter the details in the sections of employment history? i have only one employment from july 2019 to march 2020. form 1221 is also necessary??

Not sure about 1221 form. Just fill your job title and job duties and whatever details they ask.

I heard the news from some sources that visas are now started to grant in high numbers. Is anybody have clue on this??

Your visa subclass is 190 and this forum is for visa 189.

Visa 190 planning levels is way higher, so the pace of processing different to ours.

This is the current situation for visa 189.

Grants as of 30th of September below.

290 visas granted in October: 96 for points tested stream and 194 NZ stream.

As of 31st of October a total of 2,004 visas were awarded for this financial year, so only 4,496 places to fill and there is a backlog of 13K.

The 6,500 places available for this year is a planning ceiling, not a target, so there may be be fewer than 4,496 places left.

But i am offshore and they are granting too less to offshore because of less quarantine places available.

Hi Everyone,

I got the invite in Jan 2020 and CO assigned in Feb, additional documents uploaded by 1 April 2020 and after that there is no update in my application. Occupation - Developer programmer in Australia Any update on whats going on with PR grants?

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So 3,516 application are pending greater than 9 months.

If we follow trend all these application should be cleared by the edn of mext financial year given that not a big number of invite is not issued and nz applicants are not given priority.

Well, It depends on planning levels for next financial year. Currently, It’s very low. Expecting to get them all cleared by the end of next financial year( June 2022) wouldn’t be a great news for applicants already waiting for 2 years because that may mean for them that it took 3 years for their applications to be decided.

More NZ permanent visas have been granted than points tested this financial year.

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I received s56 request for more information mail again today…1st time in Mar 20 which was for PCC, and now again…this time they are asking me for re-medicals

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That means they want to give you a grant🙂

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No, that now how it is…now its medical…few months later it will be one of the PCC and the loop goes on…thats what they have been doing…I wish there was an option to get the refund and withdraw the application, I have already lost interest but just doing because I have already paid fees and invested my time and energy and hopefully will recover some of it in future

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Hang in there. It is encouraging to see some movement than no movement at all. I know the wait is frustrating and the system is unfair. But I’d like to think otherwise and hope that we all will get our grants soon.


@mishu2808 Are you required to redo medical with the previous HAP ID or the CO assigned a new HAP ID to you?

Priority is also given to any point test visa (189) if occupation is on pmsol list based on recent confirmation by department.

A ray of hope…

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Could you please help me to understand data

in these above two FOI, DATA of onshore and offshore shows total applications pending are 7363 upto 31/10/2020

However in

this FOI data upto 30/9/2020, the total number of pending applications were 13692

that means they have decided total “13692-7363 = 6329” so 6329 applications were decided in one month (i.e. October) of 190 subclass? is that right? or something else.