Visa Grant Delay 189

Onshore grants are expected in cmng days… Offshore wud tk smtime

Hey Jagroop .Just checking…Is there an official document stating that offshore grants are on hold or is it your assessment on our current situation?

Not actually…but the current trend and global situation points that

Hmm okay …

Received grant today for me, wife, and baby. I’ve updated the tracker. Wasn’t sure they were still moving things along so absolutely thrilled to get this news especially given the recent travel restrictions for people without citizenship or PR.

Good luck everyone, hang in there.


Hi bro your wife and baby are here or offshore??

Guys…we got our grant today…we thank you for all your support…good luck to all of u…have updated my case in Immitracker…


Hi…congrats TTA Ur update has given me strong hope I hv same category as urs…and crossed 350 days… Fingers crossed

Thank u Jagroop…don’t lose hope…urs is on the way…

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is @Nirav_Suthar the same guy who contacted the DHA in a rude manner and after that they did his physical verification??

Update : Applied in sep 2018, ICT Security Specialist - 262112. Got email today to do medical & police clearance again .

DHA doesn’t follow FIFO. Some people who had CO contact after me got their grants and I am still waiting.

Does it depend on the type of CO contact enquiry ?

When did you lodge yours?

Roomi any update on your application?

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Hello NANDNI, well so far no update, status still FURTHER ASSESSMENT.

Hello. Are you an offshore applicant? If that so, it gives me so much hope.

Hi…when I applied I was offshore but I’m on visiting visa now…

I logged on 14th Jan ,2020 and had CO Contact for Indian PCC on 26th feb. responded the same day.

:frowning: Mine is still in received Roomi… No updates :confused: wishing ours come’s thru’ soon

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We have bunch of people waiting since 2018 including me. I don’t think there is a set pattern to how they issue grants. I thought my case was simple…guess not!