Visa Grant Delay 189

I lodged it on 7th March 2019 and updated it for the last time on 9th March 2019.

Regards, Nigel

Hi Nigel ,

Apart from some personal information that you have masked with *** , are there any other edits by you in the text , or is it just as it is . I am asking because the way the query is phrased is really confusing.


I have masked only personal info i.e. Name, IDs, Empoyer name, dd in the dates. Uploaded the 2 relevant pages i.e. Page 2 and 6 of the document CO provided.

Note: I have my wife and kids in the application. But no information has been requested for them by the CO. Its only me for whom more information is needed.

I noticed also that they work on thursdays :sweat_smile: and the rest of the week is just for fun Very strange Maybe they have shortage of staff , so they split the work on certain days , today we don’t see any grants for 190


did u provide employment reference letter on company letter and also letter signed by direct manger or HR

Ok.Well, to me it seems you must provide the bulleted details for each of the employer, and that’s all

What about the cases where the applicants are not able to provide letters on company letterhead? Will a notarised statutory declaration work in such cases?

Also show documentary evidence that you requested. Perhaps an email to your company requesting the reference letter and their response to you.

Good Point. Thanks.

Yes I did provide proper employment letters on company letter head. I also provided 2 months salary slips for each of these employments. provided tax document for my current employer. Did not provide PF and Bank statements though.

I think page 6 define general standards and rules pertaining to the document that we submit. It is actually page 2 that lists what documents are needed. See the last line under each employment (in bold letters). E.g. Tax documents/Bank statements/…

I might be wrong though.

One more thing. What does the highlighted(in yellow) information on Page 6 mean? Is there a particular place on the immi profile where these documents needs to be inserted?

3 grants were reported today in expat forum, out of which 2 are not part of immitracker. so the number is more than what we see in tracker :blush:

The parts in yellow are typically where the CO would enter specific information pertaining to you, e.g company name. They would then delete the items that they do not require you to submit. If an item is listed, please make sure you submit it, even if you have previously submitted.

What are the lodgement days of those two?

I applied for my 189 in August 2018 and they asked for new AFP in June 2019 which was submitted in July and haven’t heard anything since then. Anyone with similar experience or an idea how much longer it might take ?

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March 3rd and March 7th

I have added a comment on expat forum to add case on immitracker. Lets see if case count increases or not.

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Aug 2018??? OMG Which visa are you currently?

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Today already granted 12 people???

Sep 2018, 2 CO contacts and waiting

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