Visa Grant Delay 189

Hi guys,i am old follower of this group…i lodged on nov 12,2018 and got three co contacts to submit my qatar i was not able to get qatar pcc,as i was working on business visa with the company in qatar .submitted docs for waive off of qatar pcc as requested by case officer on may 2019…still my case is under assesment and my medical and indian pcc has expired on nov 2019…feel like i should not have started this process and wasted my money and time…instead have invested money and time on something worthful…
Any one in the same boat appreciate ur reply!!!

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Hi @Harishan You mentioned that your lodgement date - 20th Mar 2019 & CO asked you to redo medicals today. Did you do your medical before your lodgement date?

1-2 application is based on immitracker. Immitravker has only 3-4 % of data. If you see 1-2 updates in immitracker you can even arrive at a number calculating percentage which would 20-30. Many update their grant status in telegram group, Facebook pages and a few migration agents send it to their telegram group. There are lots.

You need to also look at number of visas applied in 802, 820, 489, 190 and many more. There are total of 160,000 between July 2019-june 2020.

Seems like a deliberate ploy by the DHA to delay issuing grants so that the PCCs and Medicals expire and then they have a reason to further delay the application indefinitely by asking for the new documents, ultimately discouraging other people to apply for 189. The ombudsman and queries to DHA seem to be useless as well. Ultimately it’s the candidate who has to wait forever

i applied on 9th nov 2018

medicals on feb 12th, 2019

CO Contact july 2019, replied within a week

case in further assessment afterwards

then new born baby added in december 2019

HIS Medicals on 2nd January 2020,

REST is with CO now, waiting for our grants.

I see people still lodging their 189s. I can’t believe how they can they be so unwise despite being aware of such painstaking delay in grants. What is stopping them from going for other countries? Probably they are okay with losing a few lakhs. That’s the only way I can think of people lodging now.


What visa type have lodged and when?

189, lodged 30th March, still waiting

For those who are interested, here is the details of 189 applications filed and granted in the year 2019 January to 31 October 2019).

Approximately 5% of these numbers are reflecting on immitracker.

I did my own assessment for my 189 application based on these numbers, you can use this data for your application assessment

Applications lodged:

Activity Month Total — 31/01/2019 3,343 28/02/2019 2,411 31/03/2019 2,432 30/04/2019 1,132 31/05/2019 425 30/06/2019 111 31/07/2019 474 31/08/2019 435 30/09/2019 212 31/10/2019 485 189 Skilled - Independent Total 11,460

Skilled Independent (subclass 189) (Points tested stream) visa applications granted from 1 January Activity Month Total 31/01/2019 3,517 28/02/2019 3,657 31/03/2019 4,688 30/04/2019 2,890 31/05/2019 3,037 30/06/2019 2,433 31/07/2019 1,363 31/08/2019 230 30/09/2019 79 31/10/2019 84 189 Skilled - Independent Total 21,978 Note 1: Includes primary and secondary applicants

Folks, can we please align on one fact: all these estimates and trends are of no use to predict grants.

According to the trends, all the cases up to at least February 2019 should have been granted or gotten CO contacts. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are numerous cases pending since October 2018. Yes, majority of the Nov 18 and Dec 18 cases have got CO contacts, but despite submission of requisite documents, still waiting for more than 8 months. I don’t think the most complex of cases take that much time to look into.

As for the lodgements post Feb 19, very few of them have got CO contacts and grants, while a majority of them are pending.

All these cases I am talking about are from Immitracker, representing 5% of overall applications.

Looking at the data of past lodgements from DHA that has been shared in previous posts, even if we extrapolate the Immitracker number, we are looking at a huge backlog.

Some folks are enthusiastically exulting looking at few grants here and there. All this serves to only give false hope to applicants.

Conclusively, it seems that we are staring down the barrel. We are looking at indefinite wait times and grants which may never come; and even if they do, at a time when it will no more matter to us.

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Hello, can u please stop demotivating all by these posts…there is a huge development in grants if u compre with last 6 months. So please stop discouraging. Everyone will get it in time. So lets stay positive n let other be positive as well.


Yes … I used my old medicals for 189 application.

Hey, Ntrikann, I really want to clarify some of your points as below:

  1. " All these estimates and trends are of no use to predict grants." ----- Please don’t forget the existence of this website and the meaning of this website. Immitracker is used to estimate your grants by referring to other applicants’ cases. We can estimate their action based on all data shared by lovely people. (Also as per this data, we knew what’s going on from last July to December - - very few grants for 189 and large volume of grants for 190).

  2. “I can’t believe how they can they be so unwise despite being aware of such painstaking delay in grants.” ----- It’s simple and understandable that still have applicants to apply for 189 as those people also paid a lot for getting EOI points. (Both financially and mentally). They overcame all the barriers and time they struggled with, how can’t they apply for this anymore? No one wants such a long assessment time. But as long as they want to stay in large cities, they have no other choices but to apply for 189. Also, they are good enough to get invitations. They are just the same people with you one year ago.

3." We are looking at indefinite wait times and grants which may never come; and even if they do, at a time when it will no more matter to us." ----- As long as the grants are not suspended, all information you provided is true, everyone will till their destination. Maybe it’s no matter to you. But it matters to other people. If it’s no more matter to you, you can withdraw your application then.

They are human beings not machine, they have their own pace to deal with our assessments. Even though they did prolong the waiting time since last year as they want to make 190 as priority. But, they restart their job recently. It’s a good news for us ( although you said we are too enthusiastic).

They stop their assessment, we can complain about that. They start their assessment, we can’t keep complaining. Am I right? There are backlogs, but those backlogs cannot be solved within few days. Please keep calm and be (our kind of) enthusiastic. Thank you.


Put your thoughts based on numbers. Whatever i have shared above is from DHA.

All the cases till March31-2019 are assigned with CO. getting a CO contact or grant depends on the complexity of the application. Assigning the CO is a good news.

It’s just a matter of perspective on how you view things. I know for a fact that many are still somehow delighted to see grants coming during the previous weeks. That gives them hope that sooner or later they will receive their grants. Although the data available is a small representation of the actual grants, it gives you an indication on how things are moving. All of us here have invested lots of time, effort and resources. You have a other facets of life that you can work on. Do not dwell too much on something you can’t control. Cheers…


From where you are getting these numbers ?

How can you say this with such confidence?

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Seems quite today …

Because, i read an article in iscah who got the information from DHA

I have raised request with DHA under freedom of information act and got these details.