Visa Grant Delay 189

That’s right. With 190, one has to stay in particular area, mostly suburban, as decided by the state for some time. After which visa holder can settle anywhere in the country. With 189, there are no such restrictions.

how to get new PTE result?? is there new format for result?? l

I wish the DHA executives could check this blog to get a glimpse of the confusion, the frustration and the feeling of taking a wrong decision, that all the members here are having and act accordingly.


Any grant issued in Dec 2019 yet?

As far no grants

The reduced processing time appears to have made no difference to the 189 grants or CO contacts!

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Yes slight changes have been introduced in PTE Score Report during april,2019. You can attach the same in your application along with email confirmation from PTE that your score report has been delivered to DHA.

Hi… I didn’t get any confirmation mail from PTE about the delivery of score report to DHA. I got only confirmation of score report order like this.


Yes this is the one. Attach this to your application as well as the new score report also.

Ok …got it… Thank you…

Is there someone give me advise when I can get the Granted submitted @ 16/07/2019.

Thanks A Lot for help@!

keep calm and enjoy the waiting lol. I submitted April 8 2019 still in the bus

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there was a grant today !!! just up on immi tracker lodged feb 19!! also on another forum i seen a woman saying she got co contact


so finally some movement now in Dc 2019.Let’s keep them rolling and issue grant to March April folks by end of this month… :smile:

Hey everyone. Just joined and caught up with all the posts on this thread. As an April 2019 applicant with no news yet, I can only imagine how those of you who applied before that and are still waiting must feel!

Just wondering if anyone has details for a good immigration agent who may know about specific issues for doctors/medical practitioners? Thanks :slight_smile:

No, I didn’t get any money back on 190 withdrawal.

Thank you and hoping that 189 moves a little faster.

How do you hope 189moves faster

DHA increased processing time for 190 SC visa from 8-9 months to 9-10 months. So, its a good news for 189 SC visa applicants. They might focus on 189 SC visa now hopefully… :slight_smile:

This is to cater 491 visa and not related to 189