Visa 489

Hi everyone Could you please suggest me .what normal time to take visa grant 489 sa.i submitted all documents as per co said . But I am still waiting further response.whats chances to visa grant ??? Visa : 489 Subclass Provisional

Occupation : Illustrator 232412 Points : 75 Points (including State Nomination)

Visa Application Date : 27 Nov 2018

Medicals Submitted : 8 March 2019

CO Assigned : 21 May 2019

Hi There, 489 visa lodged 16 February 2019. Received Immi assessment commencement mail 6 Sept 2019. No further contact. There have been quite a few Grants given to March/April/May applicants, so I am wondering if anyone has some insights as to why Feb applicants are slower to receive grants than later lodgements.

I lodged in December 2018 and im still waiting. it looks it depends on the ANZSCO code and the territory itself . Good luck for all