Visa 190 Grant Delays

why the visa grant is frozen at people lodged their applications on 20th of November 2018 ?

I have the same question. I don’t see any major updates in the immitracker after November 28th,2018 for Visa subclass 190. Any idea about this guys?

Same question-i don’t see any updates either

I think the delay is over now

I applied on March 29. Has anyone who applied around that date got CO contact or grant ? Don’t know if people are not updating in the immitracker or if the visa grant has slowed down.

Dear, I’ve applied on 20 feb 2019 still waiting.

Hi I have applied on March 21st and still waiting… No contact from CO yet!

Hey… applied on 16 Jan … No CO contact yet. Any poat 15 Jan lodgement people with updates.

Hi I applied on 18th of March and I no contact from CO either. Is that supposed to be normal?

Hi, Do you guys mind sharing your ANZSCO code?