TN Visa Query


I am new to this forum, my first post here.

I have a very specific query regarding TN Visa.


I’m a Canadian citizen and have a bachelors’ degree in Mechanical Engineering. In total I have over 12 Years of experience in Technical Sales i.e. I’ve worked for engineering companies in Sales role/function/department.

Most suitable and ideal job roles for me have titles such as Sales Engineer, Account Manager, Territory Sales Manager. All of these roles are in Sales role/function but require candidate to have bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. In short these companies only hire Mechanical Engineers to sell their products and fill these roles.


According to the TN status laws and to be eligible for a TN Visa - 1. Is it absolutely necessary that the job title should have the word “ENGINEER” in it? or 2. The job should require a person to be a Mechanical Engineer and the job title could be anything?

This is critical to me as most of the jobs that I am eligible for do not have the word “Engineer” in title.

I meet all of the requirements for a TN visa.

I would appreciate if someone can clarify this. Thanks in advance!