Small firm Family Business work experience relevancy

Small firm Family Business work experience relevancy
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  1. Is working on father’s small firm ( whose turnover is just 30 lakhs p.a. in a small town in punjab) as an employee be counted as work experience for express entry provided I do have all the documents such as offer letter, reference letter, attendance register, salary slips, bank statements that salary is literally being credited every month through the firm’s cheque into my account.

  2. My salary is just 15,000 p.m. Will it be a hindrance as it is a very less salary , I am getting after doing my MBA.

  3. I do not have any PF account. Is it necessary to get the provident fund as well while showing the salary slips from the employer.

  4. It is a very small firm but it is a 25 year old firm. Will my case get rejected that I am working on a very small firm after doing my MBA?

  5. My father’s firm do not have the certificate of incorporation as in 1994, when the firm was established, small firms were not granted Certificate of Incorporation but the firm is having all the record of tax returns like Sales tax returns, Vat Returns, GST returns of all the previous and current years.


The size of the firm is not important, as long as it operates and business is going as usual.

If you have all the required documents, i.e. references, and you perform all your duties as per the references plus you can supply bank statements with payments being made (as you described) then you will be fine.

Also, please remember you only need references for the employment you claimed points for.

Good luck!!