SC190 Visa processing times and grant stories


Does anyone have idea how the files get picked up. Is it FIFO or randomly?

Hi all, I just wanted to share my observations on the granting process.Not sure whether states have different trends in assessing documents and granting visas, but I have noticed a very slow movement in QLD. Has anyone had the same sort of observation?

Hi Somi,

I was trying to figure it out but have no clue now how they provide grant on what basis. Have seen many file from March, April & May haven’t touched and they jumped onto June.

Hello All,

Happy news from my side, I got my PR granted on 16th of October. Application was filed on April 22nd, it was a direct grant

Thanks, ranjith


Congratulation, and all the best for your future!.

After a long wait (almost 240 days) , I finally get a DIRECT GRANT on 23nd October.



Any idea, if new document (PCC) is loaded to the application in application logged status (no CO contact yet) for 190 (which is waiting for grant). Will it impact the status or will it cause any delay? Thanks.

Hi newidac,

Any document upload on to the logged application will not have impact on status and will not cause any delay. All that you are doing is providing as much info as you can which will help CO to arrive at decision quicker rather than contacting you. In short, you are avoiding CO contact by furnishing as much as information you can.

Regards, Shiva

Does anyone have clue how May people are getting grant, while March-April people are left out?

No one exactly knew the criteria on which DHA is granting VISAs. Its not May, even June people are getting grants.

Is worth calling them and asking?

You can give it a try, but am not sure if they will be able to provide any concrete answer as such.

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Finally got my grant on 01st November. Hope rest of all get soon.

All the best!!!

Cheers, Kashyap

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Many Congratulations Kirshyap…Best wishes

Thank you,

Cheers, Kashyap

all the best @krishyap8994, where are you travelling NSW?

Thanks @krishyap8994

I live and stay in NSW, my application was onshore.

Cheers, Kashyap

Sorry Work*

Isn’t it annoying to see October being granted while you are still waiting on an April application? I even got an email on 13th November, titled “Assessment commencement” with the name of the CO assigned. It’s been 22 days since and no one has contacted me. The scope of randomness is truly chaotic.