Rprf letter content

Rprf letter content
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I got an rprf request and it states that The admissibility review is currently in process; you will be contacted if additional information is required for that purpose.Does this mean that eligibility is over , any info in this regard will be helpful.I am currently in the so called na2 stage.I got the letter on the 14th of Februrary pid it hte same day,and have had no response since then.


Did you pay your RPRF fee?

It is usually a sign of nearing passport request.


Yes I did on the same day.its been IP2 for two days but no ppr.


Did you get PPR ?


No .what about you any updates or ADRs


No man , I called up CIC, and came to know that my file is still with CIO Sydney Nova Scotia .Don’t understand .As per others RPRF request comes when your file get transfer to Local VO ,and I am Outland PNP ,India .Lets be in touch .Keep updating each other .


thats not always the case they can rprf at any time the procedure was changed at the end of last year .did u ask them ur status like what is completed and what is still pending.


Could u share ur timeline


It is still always when application is ready to finalize.


What I gathered from other sources is that cic issues rprf request when r10 and A11.2 are met.in some cases the issues rprf request at the last moment these people get their visas in a few days time .thats clearly not the case with me and many other people I know .i called cic 30 days after my rprf and they said that background check is in progress.i asked them if eligibility check is over they said no.i am just laying out all the info I know.dont know how accurate it is ,but it’s all very confusing to me.


Timeline : AOR 23rd FEB MED PASS 28th FEB RPRF REQUEST 14th MARCH ,PAID on 15th MARCH SECOND RPRF REQUEST 20th MARCH After that nothing so far .


Hey did you paid twice for rprf ? How many applicants are there in you case ?


Hi guys Can RPRF be requested only.to prime.applicant and not the dependent (spouse) in any case ? Urgent reply.apperciated

Regards Gary


It is requested only for primary applicant and spouse .Not for dependents age below 18 . IF something urgent contact me on watsapp +91-9742258422


Thanks I will whatsup you


Hi. How long after the RPRF request did you get the PPR? I am assuming you have since gotten it and are done with the process.


Hi Denr did you get your PPR how long did it take can you share your timeline