Regarding proof of employment

Regarding proof of employment
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hi i wd like to ask:

  1. for claiming points of 8 yrs of employment how many payslips should i add?
  2. provident fund certificates for that tenure can do?



On top of the Reference letter provided by the company:

  1. You should provide 1 payslip each quarter.
  2. Tax docs?
  3. Promotion letters?
  4. Resignation letter


Greetings ,I have submitted my case in February.recently CO contacted asking further evidence of employment. I provided salary slips I received in cash. Tax deduction from salary by employer mentioned for 2017.CO asking to show the salary I have submitted in back while under 400$ per month salary I just took and spent never bothered to open bank account.another thing he wants me to clearify why no tax deduction mentioned till 2016 . In those years according to my country rules my salary was not in taxable slab.further more he asks I have mentioned employment main office addresses and details he wants to show proof where exactly I work meaning site etc. He also mentioned to provide proof that if the employer/company is a registered business.since I left the job on 30 march as informed DHA I don’t think my previous employer would be willing to provide much detail regarding registration etc. CO ask to provide provident funds statements for each year which I will provide. Any advices?


Did you get a response from your CO?