Paid 2nd VAC, still waiting, 5 months so far

Paid 2nd VAC, still waiting, 5 months so far
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Hi everyone!

I paid the 2nd VAC for my husband on 01/11/17, and emailed the receipt to my CO. After that, I sent an email to CO in Jan/18, but so far, still no reply and we’re so anxious. Is there anyone having the same problem? Should I upload the receipt to my spouse’s language evidence?

Please please help me!

Thanks so much!


Historically, after VAC2 people didn’t wait for much for grant… however, for past 8 months there is no clear evidence that after VAC2 your grant will arrive soon. You will need to wait for sometime, i’ve seen people waiting for 4 months.


Hi Andy,

Thanks so much for your help, it helps me relieve some stress.

I’ve got another question, my health check was done early last year, and it will invalid next month. If my visa application is still in the procee next month, should I do wait for my CO to contact me to do another health check?

Thanks so much! Cheers Jessie


they do sometimes request fresh health check, but not always, therefore in my view you better wait.

However, if you offshore your IED will depend on your medical date, keep that in mind. However, to note here again, usually COs are kind enough to give you extension of IED or simply give 6 month IED in the first place. (IED = initial entry date)


Thanks so much Andy!

I’ll keep waiting. Cheers


Hi After How much time you received VAC-2 payment bill for depositing VAC fee, after you replied to CO. Means waiting time to recive biller code.


I seen a few people who waited 9 months. :slight_smile:


Well, I only got invoice for payment rather than replying to CO that my spouse would like to have English classes. So I paid it instantly.


Hi Andy,

My visa is granted now, thank you very much.

Cheers Jessie


Congratulations! All the best!