Ontario PNP (OINP) 2020 Discussion Join Here

Hi Guys,

If you are planning to apply for OINP - lets get group together. i might be one of the applicants.

I have a whatsapp group for that, please join.



Can i join this group?

Hi can you add me to the WhatsApp group?

Hi, do we receive any acknowledgment from OINP that your application has been received… actually i submitted my application on 7th Feb and i didnt receive any update from OINP after payment,

Hi Andy

Please share the WhatsApp link to join the group.


Noc 2174 CRS score 468 Recieved NOI on Jan 15 2020. Submitted on Feb 22 2020. Single Applicant. Application status is submitted.

Please share whatsapp link to join the group.

Hi Guys,

2 quick queries:

A) I received an email from ONIP, stating that my application is incomplete and I needed to send my Canada Equivalence Educational Evaluation. I have done my WES Evaluation and also sent a duplicate copy of my WES report to ONIP via WES portal directly.

B) My ONIP application status is still showing as submitted since 22nd Feb 2020, when i submitted the application.

Please suggest and guide what steps do i need to follow as I have only 13 days to complete this.

Any help appreciated, Thanks

Reach out to them via phone and e-mail explain that you have already provided and provide the copy again. Ask for instructions in case they have not received it.

Many Thanks Andy,

Can you please share the contact details i.e Phone and e-mail for contacting them.

Hi Guys,

Just got an update on my OINP status.

It has changed from Submitted to Assesment Stage.

Submission date : 22nd Feb

whatsapp group’s link please.


What is the estimated time for Assessment Stage to complete ??

I got a status update from Assessment to Decision in Progress.

Hi i got NOI on Feb 13, 2020 submitted on March 9, 2020 and received an acknowledgement of complete application on 12 March, 2020 till date it says Assessment, I would like to ask when its going to get nomination and what stages to follow, is it only decision in progress stage?

my CRS 467 NOC 0111

Thanks in advance

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Hi All,

I have submitted my application and recieved AOR on 16th June 2020. Due to the current global crisis, I could not submit my PCC verification.

Could some one please tell me the estimate time for recieving the Biometric letter ??


Anybody out there whose job was affected by COVID and application was paused. If job resumed what is the status of your application now? Any one received nomination lately.


Anyone here who has submitted application for the Oct 15 '20, has got their nomination yet? Mine is in DIP since Dec 15th 2020.

I submitted mine on Aug,31 for international student stream. My application was on DIP since November. If you are in the same situation, your applications status will be move forward to confirmed when the province receives annual quota from Fed.

I can not join the whatsapp group using this link https://chat.whatsapp.com/HODmUYshPTAIP6OlEvURyy It says the group is full