October 2018 AOR Knowledge Group

October 2018 AOR Knowledge Group
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Hello everyone! I hope all are having successful progress with EE

Lets discuss here our updates for those of us who have revived their AOR on October 2018 My current application is in the below status, can anyone please tell me is this IP1 or IP2?


Great, My AOR is 23rd Oct 18. I have passed the medicals, however my background check is stuck at “WE WILL SEND YOU A MESSAGE ONCE WE START YOUR BACKGROUND CHECK” for more than a month now. Not sure whats going on. Last update i have got an email from IRCC about how to search a job in Canada. Don’t Know what stage i am at. Anyone experiencing same situation?


Lucky you, My background verification hasn’t started yet


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IP1 stage


It is still the same for me. :frowning: October 18, 2018 AOR here.


3rd Oct AOR. It seems like the queue is just stuck :frowning:

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What does Review of eligibility - We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements., I mean the my application it says Medical passed,no additional documents required but it shows Review of Eligibility and We are processing your background check. Any idea?


AOR- 4 th October 2018

Medical passed

We received Mail about background check is in process at 12 Dec 2018

And no updates till now…

I need a suggestion guys We are Going out of canada for a vacation and Pr is in process…my husband have valid work permit till feb2020 and I have valid multiple entry visitors visa of the same date feb 2020 so is there any risk for going out of Canada during this process…


My aor is 31st October 2018 as well, it says medicals passed and eligibility under review and background is being processed and will send a message if they need any information, the file has been the same since November 28th and no change or update since then.


Hi, can anyone please help me to join October 2018 AOR whatsapp group please… +919633814772


Could you please add me to the group as well

AOR 13 Oct, 2018



Has anyone tried to call the helpline and get an update on their status?


I am a BC-PNP Inland Applicant. As per GCMS VO is Etobicoke.

AOR : 8th Oct 2018

MEP : 7th Nov 2018

Medicals Expired : 14th Jan 2019 (I am a BC-PNP applicant)

IP2 : 20th March 2019

No updates since then. Hoping we all Dreamers get PPR soon.