NSW invitation time after lodging EOI

NSW invitation time after lodging EOI
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My profession is Chemical Engineer. Without state sponsorship, my points comes to 60 I have lodge my EOI on 15.12.2017. When can I expect to receive invitation with this much points ??

Anyone from chemical engineering background ??



Please see the expression of interest tracker: https://myimmitracker.com/en/au/trackers/expression-of-interest-sc190

Filter by Chemical Engineer and see how many days on average it took to get an invite with 60 + 5.


Folks, I have 55 points and looking for state sponsorship 190 on Skill select 233111 (Chemical Engineer).

Please tell me what are the chances for me to get Invite on 190?

Age: 30, Education: 15, Experience: 10, English: 0



Hi Andy,

In the expression of interest tracker, I couldn’t see any invitation for Chemical Engineers. Based on your experience, chemical engineering is a high demand major particularly in this year or not? .


with high pointes and quite rare anzsco, I think you have a good chance.


Kindly update if anyone received or will receive NSW for Chemical Engineering…



Kindly let me know with 70 points how many chances i do have to get EOI under 190 subclass for 141311 (Hotel/Motel Manager) in NSW. Previously i had applied for EOI with 60 points in feb 2017,then after improving my English Scores, i got 70 points and updated my EOI in last week of Dec 2017,moreover my scores will further improve with 5 points due to my work Exp, so in feb month i will be getting 75 scores.

pls guide me thanks and Regards Anshuman


Hi any Chemical Engineer received invitation from NSW?


check on the tracker.



I had 70+5 points for NSW for 261313 with EOI DOE: 4th Jan. I got the invite from NSW on 2nd Feb.

Would like to connect with people on similar track.

Watsapp: +918971207895


Please also join the whatsapp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Cd3KgsXlz5w4Mg3SgAUSQU


I am unable to join the group


Is any Chemical Engineer received an invitation either in 189 or 190 (NSW) ??


Check here: https://myimmitracker.com/en/au/trackers/expression-of-interest-sc190


Hi everyone… i am sitting on 70 points (65 +5 ss). Waiting since eternity for an invite. 141311. Points breakdown Age -30 pts Grad - 15 pts Pte - score 78, proficient. 10 Exp- 10 pts If anyone could tell me how do i proceed. Any info would be highly appreciated


Is 141311 stream 1 for NSW? I would guess with such score you should have chance…


141311 (hotel or motel manager) is in the stsol. What i am failing to understand is that at the same score many of my acquaintances have got the invite… and in my particular case… long wait… totally blank as to how do I proceed


did they get invites recently?


Hi, can someone please advise on my chances with NSW & VIC 190?

ANZSCO: CHEF (351311) POINTS: 60 + 5 (age:30 edu:15 work:5 pte:10)

EOI Lodged: 9 July with NSW & VIC

Awaiting invite.

Any inputs will be much appreciated, thanks :slightly_smiling_face: